Power in Sports Discussion Group- Sports and Capitalism


Monday, September 27, 2021 (All day)



In the second week of the discussion, we will explore the issue of sports and capitalism. Modern sports developed during a time that capitalism has reigned around the world, but to think of sports solely with the framework of global capitalism fails to recognize the myriad of ways that people interact through games and sporting competitions. One of the ways to think about this relationship is to consider how large business interests have become increasingly involved in the sporting industry. What does this mean for the games that we watch and play, for the communities that support clubs and for the future of competition?

Facilitators for this week are:

  • Stephen Ortega - Simmons University + Harvard Weatherhead - Global Sports Initiative

  • Darragh McGee - University of Bath

  • Ann-Sophie Schoepfel - Paris Institute of Political Studies + University of Munich

  • Toby Lelliott - Influence Change

  • Richard Giulianotti - Loughborough University

This weekly asynchronous discussion group brings scholars, athletes, and practitioners together to discuss issues around sports, politics, and culture. Participation is by invitation. Please contact wigh@wcfia.harvard.edu to learn more.